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Sunset Horizon
Imagine Me and You

Simone Larson is juggling it all: running her animal shelter, balancing the needs of a non-profit against the demands of her overbearing relatives. She’s not exactly the manic pixie fat girl she’d always dreamed she’d be.

Her childhood best friend, James Randall, is almost her complete opposite on every level. Lanky where she is round, serious where she’s carefree, meticulous, snarky… and, well, an accountant. But being with him feels like home.

James shouldn’t be this cranky about a weekend at a brand-new resort, surrounded by lake and pine trees. He agreed to this fake dating scheme, after all. And the engagement ring certainly wasn’t her idea. That kiss on the dock? Just for show. But now she’s felt his hands on her body, and the perfect press of his lips on hers, she wants so much more. She’s imagining it all. She just has to risk losing her best friend.

Imagine Me and You is a steamy, cozy, only-one-bed, contemporary romance. Fall in love on sunny Bear Lake, a fictional place in the Canadian Shield.

Don't miss this heartfelt read, available June 2.

Preorder now through Amazon, Kobo, B&N, Apple Books, and more!

Content Warnings: mentions of hoarding, mentions of alcoholism and verbal abuse (historic),  descriptive sex scenes.

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