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Following Joy

It's the season for less overthinking, and more following the creative flow, being open to new opportunities, putting yourself out there, being willing to try, and making mistakes. It's the season for growth mindset, for abundance mindset, for "there is enough and I am enough."

It's the season for secret side projects (email me if you're curious), for sharing snippets with friends that make them squeal, for letting impulsive rabbit trails become whole new identities.

It's the season for hard work that makes you roll up your sleeves and tackle it with determination rather than dread. Grin at the blank page and let those words drip off the ends of your fingers. Dive a little deeper into the once-daunting sea of revisions. You'll be okay; you've got all the air you need.

How delightful. I'm so looking forward to sharing more very soon.

Take care, friends.

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